Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM) is a think-and-act tank, which has been working in the civil society sector of Ukraine since 2005 channelling its efforts for development of independent media, support of civic platforms and movements, and building a legal state in Ukraine.

The mission of CEDEM is contributing to the development of the society of active and responsible citizens through:

  • support to civic initiatives;
  • impartial and professional
  • development and implementation of high quality law;
  • education;
  • the freedom of speech protection;
  • achieving accountability of government; 
  • asserting the rule of law.


The values of CEDEM are proactive position, responsibility, effectiveness in our work and impartiality.

The evolutionary transformation of Medial Law Institute into Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law is presented in 2-minute video below:


What we do


We have actively engaged into development and advocacy of laws’ drafts that contribute to the positive media and society’s development in Ukraine in whole. Also we watch out other legislative activity of state authorities and react on the adoption of laws that limit freedom of speech and violate human rights.

For the detailed information about our achievements in the legislative sphere, please follow the link.



Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law fights for transparency, accountability and clearness of public officials before citizens – through access to the information, opening of Verkhovna Rada’s sessions for common citizens, promotion of accountability and transparency of other state authorities’ work.

Thanks to CEDEM’s effort, ordinary citizens have finally received open access to the Parliament of Ukraine. After the legislative amendments that legally allowed citizens to go to the meeting of the Ukrainian parliament, Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law wrote petitions and pleaded with the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchynov. 

As a result, Turchynov eventually issued the order needed and ordinary citizens can now get to the plenary session of the parliament through online application form only.

In the beginning of 2017, CEDEM joined OpeningParliament.org as a supporting organisation. This is a network connecting the world’s civic organizations engaged in monitoring, supporting and opening up their countries’ parliaments.



Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law has co-initiated creating the “Reanimation Package of Reforms” civic initiative. CEDEM’s providing institutional support to Reanimation Package of Reforms and coordinates its group of media reform.

CEDEM has created and coordinates a Network of Defenders of the Right to Information.

Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law is an active participant of “CHESNO” and “Stop censorship” civic movements.

CEDEM is one of the initiators of the campaign “CHESNO. Filter the Judiciary!” within the “CHESNO” movement. The goal of the campaign is to activate the public to cleanse the ranks of the judiciary of dishonest judges and support fair justice in Ukraine.

See more information here.



Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law ensures free judicial defense to journalists and civic activists in information issues, firstly – in questions, connected with access to public information.

Lawyers of Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law and Network of Defenders of the Right to Information, that is coordinated by us, can provide judicial defense in information questions in all regions of Ukraine as well as on all levels and, if needed, to provide passing of the case to the European Court of Human Rights. For more details how to obtain judicial defense, please read here.



We provide legal support and consultations to journalists and civic initiatives. In particular, Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law is a legal partner of journalists investigation program “Schemes” (“Radio Freedom” and “First National Channel”).

Also, CEDEM provides free consultations to everyone on questions, connected with information and media law We are glad to provide expert assistance and with this aim we support hot line for consultations: +38 (044) 383 20 44 / +38 (094) 927 90 44 and hotline@medialaw.kiev.ua.



Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law holds annual International Media Law Summer School for lawyers from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland.

Moreover, we conduct distant courses for journalists and civic activists on media law, access to public information as well as judiciary and media. Participation in Institute’s educational programs is free of charge.

In addition, CEDEM prepares and publishes on a regular basis on-line analytics on urgent media and social-political themes, as well as digests, manual and other issues.